Monday, January 28, 2013


You're probably all wondering where I've been.
Well, my ankle started to swell about four or five days ago due to sitting on it non-stop because I sit Indian style in my chair when in front of the computer. Plus, my fat ass cat always sits on my lap and puts even more weight on it. Well, two days ago I went over to Dani's and accidentally stepped on her dog, and I freaked out and trying to move my foot really quick and twisted my ankle pretty badly. It's been so swollen the last two days that I am nearly completely unable to walk on it.

Since I need some tips on how to get the swelling go down, I decided I would post what I found for you in case you even come across a swollen ankle like mine.

First and foremost, you should probably go to a doctor. I will not be doing this because I'm a slacker and didn't sign up for health insurance when I had the opportunity. It is important to go to the doctor if you're swelling lasts more than a day or two because it could be a fracture of something more serious that just a little twisted.

The old and wise:
Rest--keep rested. Don't be walking on it all the time or trying to go out for a jog.
Ice-rotate between keeping ice on it and taking it off for awhile. This helps a lot with the swelling.
Compression-put your ankle in a bandage or some sort of wrap.
Elevation-Keep it elevated. Don't sit on it. Keep it up. I'm not entirely sure why this works, but apparently it does.

Some other things I found:

Apply deep heat on the ankle and massage it every night, try moving it round in a circular motion. Another good idea might be to soak fill up your bath tub and soak it in warm water for awhile. Even better would to put some espen salt in it if you have some around the house.

try medicines, like ibuprofin, that say "for swelling" on the bottle


If none of these work, you're screwed and you should probably just not leave the couch until your ankle is better.

Also, I want to take a moment to talk about Lance. Apparently, today, he kept seeing me gimp around and started doing it to and would realize that he wasn't hurt. I told him that it was sympathy pain and he was going to be screwed if we ever have a child because he is going to feel as though he has morning sickness and all those other awful pregnancy symptoms. Ha!

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