Thursday, November 24, 2011

I always wanted a pin-up girl tattoo

I always wanted a pin-up girl tattoo. I couldn't say exactly why or when I decided this, but it's always been on my "guilty pleasure" list. When I see a chick with a sexy lady tattoo (a.k.a. pin-up girl tattoo), she automatically becomes ten times hotter to me.

Well, I searched for years and years and couldn't ever find one that i really really liked. After going to my friend Sherinda's, she showed me the hidden tattoo designs on the inside of Sailor Jerry's bottles. She had three or four under her sink, and one particularly stood out to me. I knew that was the sexy lady tattoo I wanted.

Turns out, Sherinda has the same soft spot for them as I do, so she's getting one off of the bottles too.

Here is Sherinda and a picture of the tattoo she's looking to get.

Here's a picture of me and the one I'm intending to get.

we're planning on getting them on the side of our thighs.
Should be awesome, I can't wait until we've got the cash.

I know most of you got to this page because you searched "Sailor Jerry's Steady as She Goes tattoo" and you're probably thinking "This blog seems too personal to be interesting." I'll tell you what though, if you look a little deeper, you'll probably find some pretty good stuff.

It's much more in depth.

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