Friday, April 26, 2013

My Weight Loss Goal Has Changed

Previously, my weight loss goal was to get to 140 lbs by June 28th. I still believe this is very a feasible goal and I believe that I can get down to it in that amount of time.

However, I have a lower long term goal now as well. Previously I believed that once I got down to 140, I would just keep working out and eating as I am now and would continue looking better and feeling better, but had no real goal in mind as to exactly how low I wanted to get.

Considering I was never exactly "thin," even as a child, I was concerned that if I dropped below 140 I would begin looking sickly and my body just wouldn't proportion itself correctly.

I've been scouring the internet for days to find a girl that appeared to have my body type, weight, and height that has dipped below 140 to see what I may actually look like. I actually found one, amazingly. Here are her before and after photos.

So here is my new goal: 130 lbs. Maybe even 125 after that.

Wednesday, Lance and I did the 2 mile Pickle Springs hike 3 times. I want to remind you all this is one intense ass hike. Lance and I still have some problem areas in it even after going more days that not in the last couple of weeks. The estimated hiking time is 1 hour. The first time we completed it in 52 minutes with Lance carrying the backpack (with a gallon of water in it) and doing some climbing while we were there as well as taking adequate water breaks. The second time I carried the backpack (with the jug, but slightly less water) and Lance pushed me to go a little harder and a little quicker through the trail. That time, we completed it in 42 minutes. We went to work for a couple of hours on make-up time and came back around 8:00 pm to try to hike the trail one last time before the sun set. We bailed out on the backpack and hiked the whole trail (and jogged a large portion of it) in less than 40 minutes. Lance completed the trail in 36 minutes, and I in 37. The final time we took one break that lasted maybe 1-2 minutes. Keep in mind for the first two trips around that we generally do cut out time for water breaks when we bring our phones out there.

Then we came home and did the 15 minute Ab Ripper X and then some Yoga X as well.
We've decided that we are going to start doing Ab Ripper X every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Yesterday, we began our day with about 40 minutes of X Stretch and ended it with 40 minutes of Cardio X.

(I definitely recommend you looking into P90X if you're trying to get into better shape or lose some weight. Tony Horton is a riot and will make you laugh while your exercising. He always gives alternate ways to do things if you're not quite able to do exactly as they are. He also reminds you to take breaks, not to push your body more than it can handle, and doesn't make you feel like shit if you don't do everything perfectly the first time (like the Insanity workout guy). Seriously, just check it out)

All the muscles in my body are so sore it's ridiculous. The only things on my body that aren't sore at this point are my hands and feet. I know it's all worth it though because we're going to look and feel the greatest we ever have.

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