Monday, January 28, 2013

2012 (Photo Edition)

I decided that I wanted to do a photo edition of my year of 2012.

January 2012
Girl's Night

February 2012

B.A.D. Friends

Eating Fazoli's with Miss Dani

March 2012
When I tried to kick the guard rails ass, then the guard rail won.

April 2012

Trip to the Zoo!

When Lance's Car took on a cow and the cow won.
My Break-up Cactus and the one for my Mum

May 2012

June 2012
Our B.A.D. Friends cups we made

July 2012
Independence Day...when we caught the field on fire
Warped Tour 2012
Good Friends at Adult Prom

August 2012

My Partners in Crime during Accent Training

September 2012
The day after I learned to crochet.

My Baby Sister

October 2012

Before my birthday/Halloween Party

November 2012

Me, Brylee, and Ruger

December 2012

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