Saturday, January 19, 2013


Do you want to know what really disgusts me?
These ridiculous Bieber fans.

Justin Bieber was supposedly caught smoking weed on January 2nd and all of his little fans went fucking nuts. Here is a photo of Bieber in the act.

You know what I have to say about it?
He's 18, he's famous, who gives a flying fuck?
He can do what he wants.
You're lucky he's not doing heroine or meth by now.

However, all of his fans got butt hurt by it and decided they were going to start harming themselves and posting photos on twitter to convince Justin to stop smoking weed. For awhile there, one of the top hashtags on twitter was #cut4bieber

I am not pulling your leg here, guys.
The crazy thing is....a lot of his fans actually went through with this.

This is absolutely disgusting.

Self-harm is a real thing that people actually suffer from. It is something they cannot pull themselves out of. The fact that these tween girls are doing it so Justin Bieber will see them and stop smoking weed is just idiotic.

Just to conclude here, people suck.

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