Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why I hate the internet

I know what you're thinking, this bitch is sitting online complaining about how she hates the internet.

Don't get me wrong, I love the internet in the same way everyone else does.

When something clicks into my mind that i want to know, I can just google it.
I can keep in touch with people I haven't spoken to in years.
I can learn to crochet awesome things and do anything other DIY project.

However, it's depressing.
The internet bums be out.

When I get online, I'm reminded of all the things I'm not and will never be.


The internet reminds me that there are a million and one girls out there that are prettier than I am.

I know, I know, there are plenty of ugly ass girls out there, but you sure wouldn't guess they existed if you searched the internet.

I get to see these hot ass girls hosting game shows.
I know they will mesh with men better than I ever will.

I see the girls that are peacful and happy.
Who love flowers and nature and are just extremely cute.
Internet is another reminder that I will never be that girl either.

There are the punk girls out there that could turn any man on.
I think of what great taste they must have in movies.
How great they must be.
Another reminder I will never be like them.

I see the cute girls playing guitar like that's what they were born to do.

I see the hot metal girls.
Again, hot, sexy...
never going to be me.

I'm a little touch of all these girls, but I don't feel like I can compete with any of them.
The internet is a constant reminder of all the extremes that I will never be.

The internet is a constant reminder of the places I will never go and things I will never see.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris.
The Carribean.
New York City.

The internet is a constant reminder of experiences I will never have.

tattoo with my lover.
crazy parties.

So the internet is this constant reminder that I could be something more, but I'm not.
It's a reminder that I'm not doing as much as I could.
It depresses me.

I hate it!

Once I finally get over my internet insecurity and continue this long-term relationship,
I'll consider The Rules of Engagement.

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  1. Those girls aren't even THOSE girls! With a little editing anyone could look like that... and be in Paris! ;) You are a wonderful person inside & out! They are just people like you & me.

    Don't get depressed because your life is picture perfect... no ones life is.