Saturday, January 12, 2013

photographic evidence

I want to be one of those couples that is constantly taking photos together. I want to simply blame it on not having a real, functioning camera, but I could make due with my phone or DS.

I want to have photographic proof. Evidence of how happy we really were.
Another way to remember all those memories I may forget someday.

I want to take photographs every time we go on a walk.
I want to take photographs every time we go to the city.
I want to have picture days where we can go to the park and kiss and run all day and get plenty of pictures.

March '09
I haven't had sweet, romantic photos with anyone since I was 16.
That's just too damn long.
That, and the fact that they are unusable since I'm no longer with that person.

I want beautiful photos like these.
I want to be able to hold onto them forever.

I want to share this quote with you.

"The great thing about a photograph is that it never changes even when the people in it do"

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