Saturday, January 5, 2013

Growing Together to Fall Apart

One of my best friends is doomed for failure. He keeps running back to men that destroy his heart and soul. He is hurting because he never got to do the things he should have been able to do. He is trying to make up for all the things he missed.

My other best friend is going through a rough patch. She won't talk to me about anything. I'm no sort of outlet. She doesn't really talk to anyone about anything, but I want to be different. I will not be able to help her. I cannot fix her. I serve no benefit but a temporary distraction when I am around.

I am caught up in my own life, my own depression. They see me as the friend with the constant boyfriend that distracts me from spending time with them. I'm the youngest, I do not get the privilege of being 21. I do not enjoy going out to bars or places where everyone but me is drunk. For this reason, I am the outcast.

We are all part of a failing friendship.
We're all getting older.
We are all dealing with becoming an adult and what that means for us in life.
We are growing apart.
We are doomed to fail each other.

The way we act, you would think we were inseparable.
You would think that we talked every day and knew all of each other's secrets.
I fear the day we fall apart completely with only memories left.

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