Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Masquerade

7:30 pm. I had only been listening to whiny Sprint customers for two hours, but it was time for my break. I walked outside to the smoking section, with my two times too big hoodie on, the hood nearly covering all of my face. The wind was cold and frigid.

About the time I looked up after lighting my cigarette, I realized I wasn't alone. The man began speaking to me. We talked about the weather at first. Then about work and Christmas, and having pets we weren't supposed to in our apartments. I had a full conversation with this fellow. I realized after I went inside and we parted ways that I didn't see his face the entire time I was out there talking with him and more than likely he never saw mine. I liked the feeling that he didn't know who I was and wouldn't be able to pinpoint me if he saw me again.

When I sat back down in my seat, ready to once again, listen the customers that I so dreaded hearing their whiny voices, I thought about how the world would be if everyone wore masks. I practically did wear a mask to the hundreds of people I spoke to every week. They heard my voice, some even saw bits and pieces of my personality, but none of them have ever seen my face. Even if they did, they'd never know it was me they spoke to on the phone the day they called in about their malfunctioning phone.

It'd be brilliant, I think.There would be the people that only had one mask. More than likely, this would be most men. Then you would have others who had a mask for every day of the week, some with a mask for every day of the month.

Everyone would wear masks, at all times in public. Only those closest would ever see your face. The others  had to earn that right. Many more compliments would be given. "My, that's such a lovely mask." Being without a mask would leave you feeling bare and exposed.

It just seems a romantic way of living.

The only major problem, of course, being it'd be damn near impossible to catch criminals. 

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