Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Resolutions

It's that time of year again, folks. The new year is just around the corner. New Years Eve has always been a time for looking back at the past year, and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It's a time to reflect on the changes you want or need to make this year. It's time to make this list that we all make every year so that we have a reason to actually pull through and do the things we want to do this year. So, here I am, making my New Years Resolutions list and sharing it with you. Maybe you'll want to add a few of these onto your list as well.

1. Get Down to Healthy BMI. As of right now, I'm 5.3 and weigh 158 lbs. This is not something I'm terribly thrilled about considering I was down to 145 lbs in Summer 2011. As of right now, my BMI is 28, which is considered overweight. To get down to a "healthy" BMI, I would need to get down to 140 lbs at most. So my goal over the next year is to get down to...138. 20 lbs over a whole year. That's less than two lbs a month, doesn't seem too terribly hard. I'll start by doing sit-ups everyday. Amount to be determined.

2. Quit Smoking. I would really like to quit smoking. It's going to be extremely hard, because well...smoking is addictive. I'm going to try, throughout these next twelve months to stop. I always said, "I'll stop smoking when I get pregnant." If I wait that long,  1.) it's going to be even harder to quit when I've got a baby inside of me to keep safe and healthy and 2.) smoking ages your eggs, so I don't want to not be able to have children at all just because i'm a smoker and waited too long.

3. Learn to crochet something other than hats, scarves, and purses. I really want to learn to make winter gloves, sweaters, gnomes, and just about everything. I've known how to crochet for about three months and have only learned to make three things. I'm really hoping to get some variety in on this.

4. Eat Breakfast as Often as Possible. Breakfast starts up your metabolism. This is a good way to start on the whole losing weight thing as well. Also, I need to work on taking my vitamins daily. This will help as well.

5. Keep Blogging. I want to keep blogging. It makes me happy. I get to learn about new things and even about myself. This is definitely something I want to keep doing throughout the rest of the year and hopefully for a few years following. At least until I get caught up in a full time job, school, and/or children and a family.

6. Work More. I want to work more in 2013. Actually, I don't want to work more, I just want to make more money. More money=more work. In any case, I want to work enough so that I can put back $20 for every paycheck. This will give me $520 by the end of the year. You can do some mighty fine things with $520.

7. Write Letters to my Aunt Janet. I have fallen nearly completely out of touch with my Dad's side of the family since my Grandpa died. I'm not much of a phone talker and I don't venture to Fredricktown unless I'm actually there to see that side of the family. So, I'd really like to start writing letters to my Aunt. I know it would make her happy and I like writing and receiving letters. There's something nice about having to wait for the response instead of getting it hours after you've sent yours.

8. Write to My Future Self at Least Once a Month. There's this website, it's called Future Me. You can write e-mails to yourself, and then the website sends them to your e-mail address whenever in the future you decided you wanted to send them. For example, I've got a letter coming to me tomorrow (actually, it will be sent tonight at midnight) that I wrote to myself on July 8th, 2011. I'm fairly excited to read it, actually. I'll definitely be logging into my e-mail at midnight tonight. I'm always excited for these letters, which is why I want to write a letter every month to my future self. I advise you to create an account and do the same. It's really neat.

9. Maintain Healthy Relationships. I want to ensure that my relationship with Lance stays healthy. I want to make sure we continue to talk before we go to bed. I want to be silly with him and make sure to tell him I love him as much as I do. I also want to make sure to maintain healthy relationships with my friends by being honest with them and spending as much time as possible with them.

10.) Don't Get Pregnant. Always a good resolution. I am not planning on getting pregnant in 2013. I need to have awhile to be 21. I've got to have all the fun I can. Settling down and having a family at a young age can lead to a lot of regrets and I want as few of those as possible.

So folks, those are my New Years Resolutions. Wish me the best of luck with the next year and make sure to check back in to hear all about it.

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