Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks--and all that wishy-washy-stuff

I don't take Thanksgiving as lightly as I used to. I used to live with my mother, spending an entire day actually with her was a pain in my ass, much less the rest of my crazy ass family. Since moving out of her house, I've found a million and one more things to be thankful.

First and foremost is her, my darling mother. She drives me crazy sometimes, but we've definitely gotten closer now that I'm moved out of the house. She's always my backup if I can't find something to do. We play Phase ten and Mario Party together all the time. She's the best.

I'm thankful for my apartment. I'm thankful I have a steady place to live, that even if it's ramen everynight, I've still got food each evening. I never starve.

I'm thankful for my boyfriend. He's been gone for 5 months now, but he's still so very special to me. Hopefully he'll be home with me for Christmas. He's my shining star, words can't say how excited I'll be to have him home again.

Lastly, I'm grateful for all my friends. Since Charles has been gone, my friends have proven to be positively superb. They've taken care of me, helped me laugh and taught me how to enjoy life even when I didn't think anything was going right.

and of course, I'm thankful for taco bell

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