Friday, August 29, 2014

I Never Even Knew...

Four years ago, I uploaded all of the pictures from my spontaneous trip to Illinois with friends.

It's really bizarre to look at now. Four years ago, I would have never guessed I'd be where I am now.

Back then, I loved my hair and never thought I'd chop it all off. I don't think I could have even pictured living in my own place with a fella or having pets of my very own. I didn't think that by now Hunts would be something that layed three years in my past or that I wouldn't even associate with the people I loved so much then. I believe I pictured my life as being a non-stop spontaneous trip where I drove where I wanted and partied with strangers every weekend.

As fantastic as that life is so much better than that right now. I'm almost 22 and I could have never imagined to be in the wonderful place I am right now. I chopped off all my hair (because "aint nobody got time for that"), I'm engaged to the best man in the world, I have friends that get me way more, and I have four lovely cats and no children. =)

Some things will never change, though. I will always love my B.A.D. friends and my tattoos will never leave me.

Swimming will always be the best and I'm a big fan of making friends with strangers when I'm drunk...because you never know, they might give you free beer.

I never thought I'd quit cigarettes and I never knew that beer would be my drink of choice. I never realized bonfires would become a thing and friends in the same apartment complex would be the best ones I would ever know.

So for all of you who have accompanied me on this wonderful journey, I thank you. You all are pretty much the best. Thanks so much! 

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