Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Pirate Proposal

I've thought long and hard about this and I want to talk about the perfect wedding proposal.
When I say this, I mean strictly for me.

I want an awesome pirate proposal.

I want to be given a map.
Maybe one of the town (or a house to keep it simple).
I want a path of where I need to go, each destination with an X.

At each destination, there would be a note.
Each a memory, things that formed our relationship to what it is.

The last would be in maybe a drawer or a cabinet.
In that would be a box.
Then suddenly, he would appear, seemingly out of nowhere and grab the box right out of my hand.

He would get down on one knee and say this:
"Ahoy me lady. Ye be t' love o' me life."
This is about the extent of my pirate talk besides "walk the plank!" and "swap the deck!" Those don't seem particularly useful in a marriage proposal, so we'll just stick to good old English from here.

He would then go on about how happy I make him and he can't imagine having to live a single day without me in his life...and all those sappy things.

Of course at the end would be the "Will you marry me?"

and a ring...just like this.
7-8mm 925 silver heart black pearl ring discounted sale, US size 7
It's so beautiful.

I only have one legitimate wish when it comes to being proposed to and that is that it all be recorded so I can watch it over and over again forever. All of this would be nice as well.

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