Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Future

Well, you must be here for a reason. Something drove you to click the link and check this thing out.

I'll tell you what's going on. Internet has been welcomed into my home again, (Thank God!) so I'm back and ready to get some blogging done.

It seems that everyone around me is having babies lately. I should've known it was coming. The last round of pregnancies all came to an end. Everyone of them is now holding their sweet little boy or girl in their arms each day.

Now, here come the next round of recently knocked up. It's kind of upsetting, really. All of my friends are going and getting knocked up. Very few married, a few planning on getting married after the baby is born. That's rarely a good idea. Babies make marriages go south.

I'm sticking to the game plan. Get married. Get House. Get Stable. Get pregnant. Have a family.

I shouldn't be in such a rush, but I'm excited. I know I'm young, I should be out partying, meeting new people, dating different fellas. Life never has worked out quite like that for me. I've always been a long term kind of gal. That's why it's weird to watch everyone around me settling down.

I'll be so excited when that day comes though. My handsome fella down on one knee with that pearl engagement ring. I'll make sure to brag about it to anyone and everyone. "Hey! Look at my ring! Isn't it gorgeous?! The best fella in the whole entire world got it for me."

Yeah, that's how it will go.

I think I'm excited to be married and have a family because I'll feel like a real functioning part of society. I'll have stories to tell about my children and something to look forward to when I come home every night. I'll have dinner to make and bedtime stories to read. I won't be this lost little fish in a big old sea of possibilities. I'll know what my life revolves around and that will always be my number one priority.

I want to be a happy family like this one.

Well...I'm sure those dreams are quite too far away to think about now. So I suppose I'll end on that note.

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