Friday, December 14, 2012

The Best Boyfriend Award Goes to...

Lance Elshaug

How many guys do you know of that will go to thrift stores with you to find the perfect tacky Christmas sweater with you and then wear it the whole month of December? I found one!

I was lying in the bed the other night next to this wonderful fella thinking about just how great he was. The night we kissed, he scared the living hell out of me. We were cuddling on the couch, but he hadn't kissed me. Our night had long ended. We had watched a movie and I was deep into sleep. I had this absolutely terrifying nightmare, I can still remember it now. I woke up shaking and nearly in tears. I hugged him tight. He calmed me down. I closed my eyes to fall back asleep as he was hovering over me just watching me fall back into peaceful dreaming. I could tell something was on his mind, but I figured it would be something we could discuss in the morning. Then...BAM! he kissed me. Out of nowhere, he kissed me. It was the most wonderful kiss I have ever experienced in my entire life.

It's been a long while since that first night, but we've come a long way. He's offered to pay rent and take care of me. I never took him up on that offer, but I think that was when I knew he was in it for the long haul. 

We spent a lot of nights together when we first met. He got off at midnight, I was on a crazy ass schedule in a crazy ass mindset. I was in this weird body experience for about 8 months. He was there that entire time. He always wanted to be by my side. In those first months we spent with each other, we talked a ton about anything and everything. We laughed and he always threatened to push me in front of cars. Our nights were like time away from the world. 

Things have changed a lot since then. Lance is no longer "my escape from the world." Lance is that world. We've been living together months now. We argue about who is going to dishes and who is going to take out the trash, but it's a blessing to wake up every morning to his gleaming blue eyes, to kiss his lips every night, and to talk about anything and everything that comes to our minds. We work together now, so we're pretty well constantly together. 

Anytime I've been uncomfortable with anything, Lance has offered up to change it. He's just darling like that. I would never ask him to give up any part of his life that isn't going to harm our relationship. I wouldn't want to change who he is. The fact that he would be willing to give up those things if proof alone that he will do whatever he can to keep me by his side. That is the most promising, heartfelt thing anyone has ever done for me. I'd do anything for him.

When people heard we were going to be living together and working the same job on the same shift always sitting next to each other, they said "You two are going to get sick of being together all the time." Now, they're asking "Aren't you guys tired of always being around each other, yet?" My answer is always the same, "Not a chance in hell." Lance and I are always together, but we're not stuck up each other's asses. We talk to our own friends and do our own crafts and hobbies. We just do it side by side, the same way we intend on doing things for the rest of our lives.

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